UlSTU students will perform at the World Programming Championship in Northern Eurasia


The Championship of the South and the Volga Region of Russia — the quarterfinals of the World Programming Championship “International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)” has ended in Saratov. Two teams of Ulyanovsk State Technical University reached the semifinals, three teams received advanced diplomas in ICPC sports programming.

84 teams fr om 30 universities that passed the qualification selection competed for the status of champion and the right to go to St. Petersburg for the final of Northern Eurasia - "Northern Eurasia Finals". Ulyanovsk region was represented by several teams of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies of Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

Two teams of young IT specialists made it to the semifinals. The first team consists of Maxim Karamushko, Sergey Kozyrev and Timur Kuvshinov. They showed the best result — 7 solved problems out of 12 brought them a diploma of the II degree. The team of second year students: Artem Karavashkin, Dmitry Krylov and Valeria Shuvalova won a diploma of the III degree and also made it to the semifinals of the Championship. For the first time since 2012  UlSTU will again be represented in the Northern Eurasia Championship by two teams.

"The set of tasks was balanced in complexity: there were both easy tasks that all teams managed to solve, and difficult ones that no one solved. I would like to note that our victory is a great personal achievement and a great merit of our coach," said Maxim Karamushko, a member of the winning team.

The coach of the teams was the senior lecturer of the department "Computer Engineering" Daniil Gorshkov.

"The Sports Programming Championship is the most prestigious team competition for young IT specialists. It is not the first time that UlSTU students have become winners of the quarterfinals and diploma holders, confirming the high level of professional training. Preparation for the championship took place throughout the school year as part of regular classes," Daniil Gorshkov said.

The team of first—year students — Danila Bugrov, Roman Buslaev and Nikita Pokladov - also managed to get a diploma of the III degree.

"The final place would allow the freshman team to advance to the semifinals. Unfortunately, according to the rules, our university can send no more than two teams to the next stage. Nevertheless, the situation when as many as three of our teams were among the potential semi-finalists is unprecedented. We have never achieved such a result in the quarterfinals before!", — shared Daniil Gorshkov.

Now the winning teams will prepare for the upcoming competitions, which will be held in December in St. Petersburg. "Victory motivates to prepare more, more often, more intensively, more densely. It encourages us to reach the final," said Sergey Kozyrev, a member of the first team.


 The ICPC Programming World Championships have been held since 1977 according to a multi-level system: all universities in the world are divided into regions wh ere regional finals are held (in Russia, this is the final of Northern Eurasia in St. Petersburg). In large regions, the selection for the regional finals is based on the results of the regional semifinals. For our region, this is the Championship of the South and the Volga Region of Russia in Ulyanovsk.
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