UlSTU entered the TOP 60 universities for training in the field of artificial intelligence


At the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the first rating of universities in Russia on the quality of training specialists in the field of artificial intelligence was presented. It includes 180 universities with bachelor's degree programs. Ulyanovsk Region was represented in the rating by Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

The largest conference Artificial Intelligence Journey ("Journey into the world of artificial intelligence") was held in Moscow from November 22 to 24. The rector of UlSTU Nadezhda Yarushkina worked at the conference as an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Nadezhda Glebovna is the creator of a new scientific direction in the field of fuzzy and hybrid intelligent systems. She developed the theory of soft expert systems and intelligent time series analysis systems, which is described in more than 300 scientific papers.

"The AI Journey-2023 conference is an important event because AI is one of the strategic scientific and technological directions. The attention of the majority of the conference participants was focused, of course, on the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President outlined the main directions for the development of AI, including new norms that allow the introduction of AI, a broad discussion of ethical issues, the effectiveness of AI, which should make a significant contribution to GDP growth. All this is impossible without training in the field of artificial intelligence" - Nadezhda Yarushkina said.

The conference consisted of three tracks: "science" — experts discussed global trends in technology, large language models, the use of AI in neural networks and generative models, "business" — participants shared their experience in the use of technology in business, transport, industry, medicine, creativity, finance, development, agricultural industry, "society" — considered the role and influence of AI on the social sphere.

For the first time, the rating of Russian universities on the quality of training of AI specialists, prepared by the Alliance in the field of Artificial Intelligence, was presented at the conference. In the rating, 180 educational institutions are divided into 12 groups: from A+ (leaders) to E+ (beginners). UlSTU, the only one of the scientific and educational organizations in the region, entered group D+ (39-60 positions). The calculation is based on 13 criteria, including the level of graduates' salaries, the demand for specialists, the availability of publications at conferences and in scientific journals, and others.

"According to a number of other ratings, for example, publication activity on AI, we have always held strong positions, so the results of the new rating were expected. This is a good incentive for the further development of the university and the region as a whole. AI lays the foundation for investment growth, the creation of highly skilled jobs and the provision of technological leadership. UlSTU scientists continue to actively and effectively conduct research in this direction. Today, the role of the technical university is to train not only professionals in the field of information technology, but also specialists in various fields of engineering who own AI tools. Many technologies are becoming no less important for specialists in the field of humanities"-  the rector commented.

This academic year, about 300 people have enrolled in three bachelor's degree programs related to AI. In addition, UlSTU became one of the first universities in Russia to open master's programs in this profile. At UlSTU, you can get an education in five master's degree programs in the field of AI.

UlSTU is one of the main organizers of the International Digital Olympiad "Volga-IT'2023". For the first time this year, among the disciplines, the participants were offered the nomination "Artificial Intelligence and data Analysis". Participants from all over the country will show their knowledge and skills already in the final, which takes place in UlSTU from November 28 to December 2.
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